Rashmi Subramanian

Rashmi Subramanian is an Ancient Indian Culture and Archaeology graduate from St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai and aspires to be an IAS officer. She hails from Dombivali, Maharashtra where she currently stays with her family.


She has been an inquisitive person since childhood and she began writing in Grade 9. She also writes poetry in Hindi and likes to research on different topics every day. She is passionate about music and different social sciences. She believes that through her writings she can instill the spirit of inquiry among her readers and inspire them to think deeply about life and come out from their daily routine and monotonous schedule. This is mainly because of her belief that people need motivation in life and they can excel in any field when inspired and motivated by the right people. 


Kaamyaabi Ki Udaan Abhi Baaki Hai

Books by Rashmi Subramanian

What happens when you are abandoned by your loved ones?

What happens when you reach the most unexpected juncture in your life?

Anamika, a young bank employee, and Shikha, a law graduate, are two dynamic women who reach a point in their lives where they feel that life has become meaningless and there is no purpose to their existence. However, life takes a turn whe

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