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Raymond gonsalves

Thane, India

Raymond John Gonsalves is a B.com graduate of Bombay university, specialized in accounts, sales and inventory control, with twenty years of working experience mostly in Oman and U.A.E. His last assignment was with Book Corner LLC Dubai where he worked as a shop manager for four years. He is a Wisdom seeker, fond of reading and understanding the mysteries of human nature, universe etc. He plotted this story with the experience he gained interacting with his customers while working at the book store across U.A.E. The book is filled with excitement throughout and the author wishes to save the reading habit that’s dying in the current generation.


Preme a salesman works for a bookshop in Dubai and comes across international and local customers. A Russian call girl wants a book to learn English; a local Arab woman demands an exciting love story to please her husband, a professor desire a book on religion. He fulfills their demands. A rich Indian girl needs a readymade screen-play for a short film, to complete her course on film direction. He digs and gains more knowledge on wide variety of subjects, especially his favorite subject, art of film making. Four words begin with the alphabet W: woman, wealth, wine and wisdom. He only knows one term “Wisdom,” a great treasure that no one can rob from him. To discover and gain more wisdom, he reads and understands. Then he writes a story called “Dream,” for her and during the course of making this short film, she falls in love with him, unaware he already has a girlfriend. Can two girls love the same man? Can two women stay under the same roof? Find the answer. ...

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