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Rhea Pai

Ms. Rhea Pai, an Educationist by profession, has over 25 years of rich experience, including over a decade as a senior leader for professional programs with Thakur Education Group,  Mumbai, India (established in 1992.) She carries a unique balance as a task master with considerate  attitude. Some of the notable contributions have been in the following areas: Design and conduct of specialized mentoring and training programmes for educators and corporate, strategized government accreditation processes, crafted self awareness tools to look at every life scene with refreshed energies, providing Read More...

Self Management

Books by Rhea Pai

This book will be a true guide to utilize faculties (mind, intellect, actions) of the Being to combat all that life throws and prepare to digest successes and handle failures to fare eventually with power of knowledge as revealed herein. Self Management is awakening the titan within for individual and organizational productivity.

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