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Rishank Jhavar is a 20 year old freelance writer and the co-founder of web establishment crizic.com that covers popular culture around the internet. He began writing at the age of twelve, when he developed a habit of reading. He got into philosophy and psychology at the age of sixteen. This book is based upon his personal experiences and researches. He believes in making the works of philosophers and thinkers less complex and more accessible to the people of his age group. Rishank lives in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. www.rishankjhavar.com

Champion’s Handbook

Books by Rishank Jhavar

Don’t be mistaken. Champion’s Handbook isn’t a motivational book. More specifically, it isn’t merely a motivational book. Most motivational books are about following others’ lives and reading success stories. But Champion’s Handbook encourages you to write your own successful life story. This book doesn’t ask its readers to bring about drastic changes in their lives, nor does it contain dozens of foolish exercises that they may even forget after turning a few pages. Written in casual style, this book will help tweak their lives to attain success in their respective fields.

It is casual and is meant to invoke a deeper sense of you, in you. Going through it promises to be an intimate experience, one that can actually help you achieve your aims and transcend them. A refreshing view is provided on some previously agreed upon topics, like anger being good, belief even when no one does among others. Beginning with addressing you as the underdog and emphasizing on acceptance as the first step towards betterment, it touches on all the aspects that make and break a champion. The aim is not the destination, but the journey.

The journey from underdog, to champion.

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