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Rosemary McDermott

Rosemary McDermott (whose pen name is Rosetta) was born in a remote village in Orissa to a Catholic father and a Rajput mother. Rosemary was adamant to complete her studies and equipped herself with speaking English fluently. She completed her graduation when she was thirty-four, as neither she nor her parents could afford the education earlier. She has fought all odds and is currently leading a comfortable lifestyle. A single mother to an eleven-year-old girl and a multitasker, Rosemary has been running a boutique called “Rosette” for the past three years; she is called a “designer” by her friends. This is her first attempt at writing, and she feels she can motivate women of her age with her life experiences. If even one person is touched by this book, it would mean the world to her.Currently, she is enjoying her singlehood comfortably with a satisfying career.

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