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Rupashree Rangaiyengar

Rupashree Rangaiyengar started writing a decade ago. She is a bibliophile and an avid learner. She has always dreamt of writing her own books in multiple genres. She is an ivy league educated Software Engineer working for a reputed MNC. She paints in the Mysore and Madhubani style of painting. She has a degree in Carnatic Classical instrument Veena. Rupashree has tried flying a Piper Warrior and Cessna and has taken flying lessons. She is a passionate trekker and swears by her morning cup of filter coffee. Her first book titled, “The Socrates Method and Other Contemporary Short Stories” , Read More...


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A Lily Never Pretends

Books by Rupashree Rangaiyengar

It is said that a cat has nine lives. Priya vows fervently that she has lived more. Rohan wants to leave it all behind. They don't know where to start. This book is a transformative journey of a single mom and her little boy growing up together and trying to find answers.

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The Blood Moon Prophecy

Books by Rupashree Rangaiyengar

Does correlation always imply causation ?


A father’s quest for justice, a teacher’s efforts to educate and a tribe’s sacrifice for the future is  well intentioned. But none of them escaped the ghastly outcomes predicted in The Blood Moon Prophecy.


A  Mayan Hieroglyph reader stumbles on an ancient secret. 


A Biohacker is in trouble with the law for experimentation. 


A Quantum Computin

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The Socrates Method and Other Contemporary Short Stories

Books by Rupashree Rangaiyengar

Take everything you know about an Indian woman and then throw it away. The women portrayed here are feisty, brave, ambitious and challenge the existing norms. You cannot box them with societal labels and curb their individuality.

These women are like you and me aspiring to be extraordinary. These women are like you and me battling everyday oppression. These women are like you and me, not having the perfect answers, but searching for a workable solution.

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