Salil Kumar Roy, alias Salil Roy, was born in 1951. He is a technocrat. Influenced by national and international poets, novelists, storytellers, Salil flourished in the field of theatre from 1967 until 1994. Playwriting, stage-craft, lighting, costume design and acting were his areas of expertise. But, his forte was direction. Salil was involved in Group Theatre Movements all over India. His short stories were published in many outlets. He was the editor of a theatre periodical called ‘Natyo Broti’. He was a contemporary of great theatre personalities such as the Late Utpal Dutt, Late Ajitesh Banerjee and Manoj Mitra. Salil was the founder member of the film appreciation society in West Bengal. The name of the society was “CINE CLUB-PURULIA”. After he wrote 18 short dramas, acted in over 60 dramas, and directed over 85 scripts, Salil crafted his dream project by writing a screenplay and became a fellow member in “The Film Writers Association - Mumbai, India” in 2012, and got his maiden venture of screenplay writing registered with TFWA. Salil is currently working on another screenplay, based on the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosky with Sharon L. Letcher (CPA) and based on a book authored by Jnanpith Awardee, Smt. Mahasweta Devi. Read More...

One Eyed Mac - The Mastermind

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May 21, 1991 was a date that went down in Indian history. The assassination of the former Premier by some militia through a suicide bomber’s detonation of herself shook the nation. What went into the incident? Why was the Premier assassinated? What was the political, social and historical backdrop for the incident?

Today, he is no more, but he was God till May 2009. He was killed by the SASF. He unleashed a hunt on a National Leader by deputing his mos

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