Saumitra Saxena

Saumitra Saxena is a Hindi poet who has contributed remarkably to the field of Hindi literature, with works that have been acclaimed not only in India but overseas as well. He has over 150 poems and short stories to his credit, and many of them have been published in leading literary journals, anthologies, and newspapers.

Saxena was born in 1976 and raised in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. After completing his graduation from India, Saxena flew to Chicago to pursue his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. He continued writing poems and sent them to India where they were regularly published in print.

Amid his numerous pieces of work, Saxena's first poetry collection, Mitra (friend) was critically acclaimed, and he received the prestigious Bhartiya Jnanpith Navlekhan Award in 2008 from the Bhartiya Jnanpith, India's foremost literary foundation. Harish Bhimani, India’s best-known voice-over artiste, gave his voice to two of Saxena’s poetry books.

Currently, he is pursuing a career in research in the area of carbon footprint reduction and climate change mitigation at a major university in the Middle East.



एक स्वप्नद्रष्टा का रोमांटिसिज़्म

Books by सौमित्र

'एक स्वप्नद्रष्टा का रोमांटिसिज़्म'-युवा कवि सौमित्र की लम्बी कविता है।

हिन्दी में लम्बी कविता की गिनती करें तो निराला की 'राम की शक्तिपूजा', त्रिलोचन की 'नगई महरा', मुक्तिबोध की

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