Prashant Singh, who goes by the pseudonym Scottshak, is a poet, author, blogger, movie-buff, freelancer and a software engineer, all in that order. Currently based in Pune, he likes to be called a dreamer who can’t be tacked into just one profession. Writing is his primal passion. He owns three blogging websites that skim eclectic genres.


Songs of a Ruin is his debut poetry book which intends to launch him as a fully-fledged author to help him identify with the world. He relishes and relates with dark gloomy creations easily. He also enjoys learning new things, often goes philosophical, becomes a misanthrope at times, questions the meaning of our existence, and then on some days, loves to surround himself with family and friends.


Songs of a Ruin

Books by Scottshak

Songs of a Ruin is an anthology of poems that attempts to open our eyes to things we don’t pay heed to. It mocks the robots that we have become, and endeavours to pull us toward the sentient light. These poems appreciate the rarity of an actual emotion. Songs of a Ruin relates profusely with visionaries and builds rivers of hope. Maybe we still have a shot. Maybe everything’s not lost.


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