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Shania Sarup

Shania Sarup is an avid reader, artist and poet who began her writing pursuits when she was merely six years old.. Now a ninth-grader, she has simultaneously developed a soft spot from voluminous works of mythology. Being a night owl and a coffee lover with adoration for Harry Potter, Jane Austen and crime novels, Shania is a vibrant bibliophile. Her poems are usually inspired by nature, the world around her, the simple things in life, and her emotions.  Aspiring  to be a journalist and a part-time writer someday, she aims to  share the joy in the simplest parts of life with others. Read More...

Along the Lines of Youth

Books by Shania Sarup

A young poet takes a tangential approach to the mysteries of life, love, bliss and tears, and from her perspective pens down the songs they sing. Life’s too short to not listen. Observe through a child’s  wide-eyed lens as you drift through the ashes of broken empires, warm yourself near the embers of warmth and rebirth, climb mountains made of thoughts and wade through valleys of words.

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