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Shashidhar M K

Shashidhar M K is an anesthesiologist by profession. In spite of his busy schedule, he finds time to invest in his passion, which is helping animals in distress. He is one of the founding members of the Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Trust (ARRT), based in Bangalore, founded in 1980. He has had the privilege of rescuing, nurturing and rehabilitating over 2000 animals belonging to around forty species. The Trust soon came to be popularly known as “Mini Zoo” by the media. Shashidhar has caught and rehabilitated around 500 snakes with the help of his brother, including poisonous cobras andRead More...

The Menagerie Memoirs

Books by Shashidhar.M.K

Imagine this: the Queen of the Jungle struts about within the concrete walls of the city. Sounds impossible? Read all about Sheeba, the lioness, who stayed as a royal guest, with this animal-loving family. Sheeba’s antics – be it playing hide-and-seek and acting like a watch dog at the gates, or sleeping with family on the mattress – will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Who said that wild animals do not like to be in captivity? If looked af

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