Shravan Chetty is the pen name of GSP, 19 who is an engineering student from dawn to dusk, a poet from dusk to dawn. Having penning down poetry for romance and intrigue, in his first publication decides to let go the stigma and publish his ballad novel, a first.


The Energy Called Angel

Books by Shravan Chetty

Malini, 24 a Brahmin girl from Chennai is convinced that Praveen, 23 is her angel. Meanwhile, Felix is in relentless pursuit of Praveen to make Praveen fall for him as he believes it was love at first sight. As it happens, Ashmita,17 a psychology student from Bangalore is infuriated with Shravanthi, a 21 year old journalist for splitting them up a couple of weeks ago. Grasping reality that he has been blacklisted, he tries his last chance in an IT firm in Chen

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