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Shrishti Venkatraman

Student & Writer
Student & Writer

Cocooned in the quiet corners of Vellore, a city in Tamil Nadu, Shrishti Venkatraman is a thirteen-year-old who fancies writing as her favourite pastime. Her seamless banter with her younger brother and her undaunted craze for colours and craft fill her leisure hours. She is crazy about Percy Jackson and dreams of meeting him someday.Read More...

The Dream Lady

Books by Shrishti Venkatraman

Sefburgh is your average town. There are people of all kinds, and life was normal until…

Girls start getting kidnapped mysteriously. There is mayhem in the city. When two teenagers decide to play good samaritans, strange things start to happen. 

An unfamiliar face keeps the girls awake at night. Or is she familiar?

The teenagers suddenly find themselves enwrapped in a conundrum—a hazy play on words that beats the daylights out of them

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