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Shriyut Kumar Srivastava

Shriyut Kumar Srivastava, from Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, is one of the youngest English language writers in India. He has been writing for five years now and this is his third published work. Being a metaphysical poet, his primary theme has always been love. He wants people to understand through his writing that the word ‘love’ has lost its meaning and its essence in today’s world. We can get it back if we believe in a pure soul. Apart from writing, Shriyut loves dancing, singing, playing the piano, photography and watching his favorite TV shows. He has written about 50 soul-warming poems beside the ones published in this book that he someday wishes to show the world. Shriyut wants to be an English professor and has labored hard to reach this point where people are excited to read his work. He hopes to someday get his 19th work published.

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