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Silpa S

Businesswoman, writer & filmmaker
Businesswoman, writer & filmmaker

Silpa S. is a writer, a businesswoman and an aspiring filmmaker. She is the founder of Euphoria Language Academy, an institute for spoken English training in India. She has written and directed a short film that won national and international awards. She has also published various articles and short stories. In her first book, Silpa puts together her thoughts on success, business, sexual politics and relationships. She declassifies the ways to break free from the middle-class mindset and brings light to a new perspective on finance, success and gender. She expresses her concern over the genderRead More...

How NOT to think like the middle class

Books by Silpa S

Being ambitious is the starting point of success. 

If you don't have that desire to grow, if you don't decide that you want to grow out of the box you are living in currently, if you don't accept the fact that it would mean walking out of your comfort zone, you are never going to be successful. 

Wanting to grow is the first step to growing. You have to decide that you don't want to stay in the same place that you were in yesterday. You have to

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