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Anamika Singh

Free lance Writer
Free lance Writer

Like everyone else, my husband and I planned for our first baby. I went through Google and tried to find a good book on child planning. Sadly, I did not find a good book on the topic. A lot of searching ended with no result. I was suffering from Hypertension and Thyroid, and my husband’s blood group was ‘B Negative’, a rare blood group. We both were in a dilemma if we should go for a baby. These health conditions were not safe for the mother and the baby. We were very concerned about the physical and mental health of our child. We saw many babies around us who were not physicRead More...

The Birth of a Miracle Child

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Every year, millions of babies take birth. But sadly, a large number of them are born with birth defects. They are not mentally and physically fit. It’s because we don’t know when and how to plan for a baby with High IQ, a Sharp Brain and Good Health.

We either have a very conservative approach or have no idea of child planning. In general, we misunderstand child planning with family planning. Child planning and family planning are two diffe

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