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B.V.S. Prasad

Siv is a Guindy Engineering College graduate and holds a master’s degree in English literature. He is a prolific writer of novels, short stories, poems and essays in English and Telugu. He is also a translator and has three books to his credit.   Siv was the recipient of the Ampasayya Naveen Literary Trust award for his Telugu debut novel, Harivillu, in 2017. He loves music, travelling and playing tennis. He quit working as an associate professor to dedicate his time to writing and pursuing his hobbies.Read More...


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On the Banks of a River

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India needs more entrepreneurs who can build sufficient social wealth and create additional employment opportunities in the country. Mahathi can never know where she was born and who her parents are. Will she achieve her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur and emerge as a game-changer?

On the Banks of a River is an intriguing story that traces the journey of the protagonist, Mahathi, who, from very humble beginnings, becomes a hero by real

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By B.V.S. Prasad in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 412 | Likes: 0

“Your short story is quite engaging and good maamaa! It’s really touchy” observed Dheeraj while disengaging himself from his iPad. A positive vibe which I had after hearing his compliment took the form of a smile and acknowledged him. By the way, Dheeraj is my nephew and we call hi  Read More...

Published on Jul 9,2022 04:09 PM


By B.V.S. Prasad in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 564 | Likes: 0


Published on Jul 8,2022 09:19 AM


By B.V.S. Prasad in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 533 | Likes: 0


Published on Jul 7,2022 03:52 PM

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