Sonal Jain

Born and brought up in the city of Hisar (Haryana) Sonal belongs to a family of doctors. She started writing about two years ago. Apart from being a dentist she now turns a happy author with this debut collection of stories “Let's Share and Discover”. She is passionate about learning new things, meeting new people, exploring new places and sharing her experiences.


Sonal lives in Chandigarh(India) with her husband Varun Jain and son King Kavish.


Let's Share and Discover

Books by Sonal Jain

In this book author reveals a truth which transformed her life. This is the source which, whether it is known or unknown, drives your life. It has been doing so since you were a child and it controls much even now but you don’t realize its power.

In this book, Sonal illustrates its power through simple examples and shows how essential it is to understand it. By mastering this practice you will definitely create new possibilities and it will give you an

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