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Soni Shalini

Soni is a Life Coach author, who works for one mission and one purpose, i.e, to touch and transform myriad lives through the might of her pen.

Soni has authored “Wise Up” (No Learning is as big as Life itself).  A semi Biography, brimming with life lessons of worldliness and wisdom that heaped upon her soul, as she walked hand in hand with life, breathing, feeling and touching it, moment by moment. The book is a worldwide success and has got rave reviews. 

As an author, she is bold and not afraid of thinking out of the box and presenting it before the readers. Like any other author, she has her distinctive style of writing, in dressing up her thoughts, thereby, expressing her story in an individualistic manner. First person is her favorite flavor of writing, though a difficult concept in writing, she swims comfortably. 

Her new venture happens to be a work of fiction, intertwined beautifully in a single story, formulated out of a burning issue, amidst the banner of life coaching. She is trying to create her own niche of life coaching, hitting upon important and contemporary issues.

                                 This is her gift to the world, a fiction with meaning and purpose!



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