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Sridevi Rao

Dr.Sridevi Rao is a Landscape Architect living in Hyderabad, Telangana. Since 1982, she has been practicing as a consulting Landscape Architect and teaching students of Architecture. She has published and presented Papers both in India and abroad on various aspects of Public Open Spaces in India. She received her doctorate from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 2003 for her thesis entitled ‘Dynamics of Open Spaces in Hyderabad (1591-1998)’. Her post-graduate degree in Landscape Architecture from the same Institution in 1982 was preceded by an undergraduate degree in B.Read More...

A Measure of Community

Books by Sridevi Rao, Ph.D

Where does sustainable public open space figure in the evolution of a city? This book presents empirical data through the case of Hyderabad (1591-1998) to answer this question, where the efficacy of public open space is explained as a measure of community. The book questions the generalised interpretation of the open space type and its distribution that is presently conceived by planners.

The adoption of Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nation

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