Subhash Iyer

Subhash Iyer was part of a vibrant entrepreneurial team at the very start of his career, an experience which shaped his thoughts, personality and outlook towards life to one of exploration, positivity and gratitude. He is a professional working in the semiconductor industry and is based at Bangalore. He has travelled extensively in India and draws his inspiration from seers, seekers and the joys of everyday life. In his first book, he has expressed his vision of life, growth and attainment through the story. He shares his views through posts and poems on his blog titled “Interesting Thoughts.” His writings reflect the thoughts of a common man in search of answers to life’s questions on issues covering spirituality, character, day-to-day affairs, self-improvement and work management.


Navapura – the City of Nine Gates

Books by Subhash Iyer

Guided by a mystic force, King Manyu of Navapura goes through a journey of self-discovery as he opens the gates of his city one by one – a city that has been for long confined within its walls and unexposed to the world. Manyu is driven by a strong passion, a longing for adventure, an admiration for the beauty of the world and a will to surmount all challenges that he and his city face. A gripping tale, narrated in lucid words, contemporary language and inte

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