Sudhir, currently holding senior management post in a Central Government Undertaking, is based in Chennai. Being an engineering graduate from the prestigious IIT Kanpur, he joined Indian Engineering Services through UPSC. During the course of his service, he has been posted in various cities like Kolkata, Jabalpur, Mumbai and Guwahati. The driving force behind moving from one city to another was his older son, Sumit. From a young age, his son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a rare genetic disease, rendering him physically disabled and wheelchair bound. All these years, SuRead More...


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The Sun That Never Sets

Books by Sudhir

In this intricate weave of modern existence, success eludes, and suffering confounds. We often find ourselves entangled in the complexity of life’s challenges.

Amid this tumult, turning to a real-life tale as a guiding light proves pragmatic. His actions resonate with an age-old concept—Karma. Through this lens, his journey becomes a profound philosophy, achieving noble success and graceful resilience in the face of suffering. What sets him apart is

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Sumit The Brave Heart

Books by Sudhir

“He had tremendous hunger to achieve academic excellence and contribute something to society in his short life span. He never behaved as if his life was going to end soon; crippled body but resolve of steel! The complexity of disability could not touch him even from a distance.” 

This is a tale about an extraordinary individual, Sumit, who fought bravely till his last breath. It is often rare to come across resilient souls, persevering in doing the

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