Sukanchan Palit

Sukanchan Palit is a Chemical Engineer by training and profession. He did his schooling in Kolkata, India, and also qualified in Chemical Engineering from a reputed University in Kolkata. He has worked in reputed institutions in India and abroad. Presently he is employed in teaching Chemical Engineering at a reputed University in North India.

The struggle and vision of my life – A Memoir

Books by Sukanchan Palit

A courageous first person narrative of one man's struggle against the devastating ailment of schizophrenia…

Despite the several advances made in science and medicine, a total cure of schizophrenia continues to elude the medical community even today. A patient continues to suffer terrible agonies as his mind is fractured and torn by hallucinations and fears. However, if one is able to develop a focussed mind set, and the determination to go ahead in life, one can withstand the onslaught of the illness to a great extent.

The author's life story would be an inspiration to fellow sufferers – how despite this terrible illness, he has been able to acquire commendable professional qualifications, and is able to balance a professional life.

Society has a great role to play in extending companionship, sympathy and understanding to such sufferers, rather than shunning them out of fear or contempt.

Needless to say, timely and competent medical care, counselling, and the love and support of family, are the ingredients most needed to aid the patient in his struggle against the illness.

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