Indie Author Championship #6

Sunil Kumar Parey

Sunil Kumar Parey—the author of this book—holds a postgraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He served in Reputed Pharmaceutical Industries for around 30 years. He developed an interest in the financial field since the beginning of his carrier. He pursued his hobby in the financial field alongside his job. He learned finance and made various investments. Finally, he took his early retirement to focus on his passion in the investment field. All these years, he has guided his friends and relatives in their investments. During this process, he realized that there is a lack oRead More...

Young Investor's Guide

Books by Sunil Kumar Parey

Young Investor’s Guide is written to cater to the young generation who have started earning or just settled with work. The language and content of the book have been kept simple and act as a guide so that the young generation can use it for actual investment.

Before starting any investment journey, one needs to understand the importance of insurance and emergency funds. The investment journey can be divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term i

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