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The author, Swastik, is ten years old He completed the first draft of this story in early 2018 and it was finalised a year later and was set to be published. He has an interest in academics and was been inspired by the book, ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’, which is why the book follows the same style as the Wimpy Kid series.


The Continental Maze

Books by Swastik

What happens when your parents plan to go on a voyage out of the blue? Well, it is bad enough even for the best of planners. But if you’re a clumsy family like the wizards, you will definitely be in trouble. 

Things turn out to be totally different from what was planned to Twister, a clumsy kid, his parents, and his siblings. But then things get worse when they get stranded in a foreign country! Will they be behind bars or manage to escape in this hu

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