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Tanushree Nair

Energy Consciousness Coach | Author | Speaker
Energy Consciousness Coach | Author | Speaker

Energy Consciousness Coach, social entrepreneur, lover of handcrafting and hands-on mother of two, Tanushree Nair focuses on energy mastery work. Certified in meditation techniques like Vipassana and energy-healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic and Akashic, her mission is to help individuals reconnect with their feminine energies to lead a happy, purposeful and successful life. She runs unique energy and mindset changing programs - The Soulful Living Program(group sessions), Reboot: FEM Program (1-on-1 Coaching program) & The Conscious Energy Leadership Program. She is formerly known for her pRead More...

Bring Out That Red Lipstick

Books by Tanushree Nair

In an effort to equalise things, we see many women display “masculine” traits like aggression, competing fiercely to fit into the work mould, juggling around with too many roles. They are force-fitting themselves into a masculine mould, so as to be “accepted”, grow professionally but deep down they do not feel aligned. The same is true of men, too – they often curb their natural tendency to be gentle and empathetic towards others.

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