Tava Manickam

Tava Manickam is a banker by profession and a writer by passion. He writes on spirituality and his stories are spiralling journeys into self-discovery. The author lives in Chennai, India, with his wife and two children. His earlier work is , "Ballad of the Soul- The Hungry Swan" He can be reached at tavamanickam@ambersons.in.  Read More...


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Kings, Monks & Mere Mortals

Books by Tava Manickam

Kings, Monks & Mere Mortals is a collection of 10 short stories specially crafted from the abundant universe of wisdom. You are going to love them as they tease your sense of judgment, entertain you and spark that quest in you, all at the same time.

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The Hungry Swan

Books by Tava Manickam

The Hungry Swan, a work of fiction, flows along the life of Jay.

Jay is born into an affluent family and has a chirpy and carefree life. However, inspired by a book that he accidentally finds in his grandparents’ attic, he sets out in search of the ultimate Truth; ‘Self-realisation’.

The Hungry Swan does not carry names of places, nor is it time specific; the narrative is around the life journey of Jay and t

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