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Poetic Writer
Poetic Writer

Naturally, the poets are very distinctive, getting to know them or comprehending their noble feelings is impossible for everyone. Despite that, they are in need to tell something to this world. Hence the poets write down!

Every word of a poet is like an atom. The ideas embedded in each word are equivalent to the vigor of a nuclear bomb! Such is the literature of poet Thirumurugankalilingam!

He loves the soil of birth and the Tamil genus. His fingers manifest the knowledge derived from the soil, people and revolution.

There is a novelty in his poetry. His writing style has an energy. There is a revolution in his ideas. Music is in our lips as we read this literature! There is an abstract beauty in figurative words. His poetry has tremendous range and strength because he is deeply involved in the cultural heritage of Tamilinam!

This creation depicts human suffering, longing, stressing the anarchic tendency of communal tyranny and also the youth army revolted against oppression and the story of one of the leaders of the day written by the passionate poet.

In the world of poetry, only a few have given grammarians of wartime literature. There is no doubt that the poet Thirumurugankalilingam too has a chapter!


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