Varun Thirtha

Varun Thirtha is a student from Bengaluru whose interest lies in spreading awareness on social issues and in breaking stereotypes through the medium of writing. A pro-feminist and a social activist, Varun is a strong believer in equal rights irrespective of gender, caste and colour.


As a writer, Varun hopes to ignite the inner voice of his readers and pass on the torch of being a catalyst for change to the people around them. Besides writing, he is passionate about sports, music and theatre.


Theory of Inner Voices

Books by Varun Thirtha

Theory of Inner Voices is a collection of short stories that trace the revolutionary and life-changing journeys of five unique characters. Driven by a simple language and yet powerful flow of thoughts, the book revolves around intriguing phases that speak volumes for the unspoken. A Siachen soldier, a teenage girl amidst a biased taboo, an autistic child’s route to the unthinkable, a brother’s fight for justice in an avalanche of uncertainties, an

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