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Veer Devgan

In August 2006, Veer was welcomed into the folds of the Devgan and Mehta family. Being a 4th Generation Army brat, he is proud of his rich heritage. Having changed 7 schools in his early childhood, he finally found his roots at the Lawrence School, Sanawar. Apart from writing, he is also a voracious reader with deep interest in a variety of subjects. He is a raconteur and a renaissance man who loves to play the piano. This particular book was inspired by his love for soap operas and family humour. It is his first book, with inspiration coming from Anuja Chauhan’s quirky style of writing and Read More...


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What to do if there is a Murderer in your Family?

Books by Veer Devgan

An eye on the ground.

A green-eyed boy who popped out of nowhere.

A very obese and murderous uncle.

Krish’s life has never been normal. He lost his memory when he was barely seven and the only thing he can remember is the stench of ashes and a poor boy whose eye he almost gouged out. His life is turned upside down when he finds his mother lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen, surrounded by her family.

What will he do now? The m

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