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Velmaran Sandirasegarane

With the blessings of Mother Ganga and the amazing journey from Rishikesh to Gangotri on the Himalayas, writing these words with the instruction of a Sadhu and spending time every morning in the bank of the river Mother Ganga at Rishikesh, the author, Velmaran, in what would become his most enduring and fulfilling book intended that the value of Gangotri and Rishikesh where many yogis and rishis lived and still live offering the most valuable knowledge and wisdom of Yoga should be shared with many people across the world to experience these values. "Words from the River Mother Ganga" was the best way to surrender to Mother Ganga as all the words and experiences and messages are written in the same way as Mother Ganga flows. Let Go and Let's Flow. Born in Pondicherry, Velmaran Sandirasegarane worked in world renowned organizations and travelled to countries like USA, UK, Malaysia and the Middle East for work and to Nepal and Thailand for YOGA. Life was always on the flow with wonderful learning experiences. He has been doing his Karma Yoga at Rishikul Yogshala at Rishikesh for the last 18 months and it was of a great support to him from Rishikul during his journey. This Journey is to continue with YOGA to spread this awareness.

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