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Verghese Mattam

The two World Wars have brought social awakening to the Western World, but the 'Quit India Movement', 'Freedom Struggle', 'Green Revolution', 'White Revolution', 'Globalisation' and accompanying economic prosperity have only muddied partsof Indian society with more social evils. The author thinks that only a social mission can change the mindset of the people—if his literary effort could make a beginning,the work will have achieved its intended mission. Don't Take it Otherwise is the author's debut novel. He has travelled widely within India and has had ample opportunities to closely observe human behaviour. He has seen nature in myriad moods and seen it unleash its destructive energy. He has witnessed indifference on the part of human beings to fellow human sufferings. He has closely studied various social evils afflicting some of the Indian societies, which go unnoticed within those societies because the ills have become part of their way of life. Over time, the real life episodes were transformed into a storyline.

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