The Author of his true story, where each and every word is a real fact, always walks alone to survive. No one make any help to survive. There’s only one single person who always supports him to survive, to be happy in life in every situations, & SHE is his wife. He is crazy about the cars. HIS 1ST BEST FRIEND IS HIS WIFE  &  2ND BEST FRIND IS MUSIC. The author always challenges the struggles, believes the facts, accepts the facts, live the facts, and he is the self-motivated person.Read More...


Mother – No Words to Describe

Books by Vidhya

Mother – No Words to Describe is dedicated to every mother. 

This book might be inspire those people who just gave up in their life and lost their faith.

It’s a real inspiration about hard work, patience, feelings, sacrifices, respect, and this book is all about the mother’s love & her blessings.

Parents and, of course, a MOTHER is the blessings for their child, and without the blessings of parents, and,

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