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Renica is an aesthete who believes that there is no greater achievement than a humble, content life. Born and raised in Mumbai, she moved to Dubai in her twenties and worked a nine-to-five job that she greatly disliked. During this time, she studied creative writing/songwriting and freelanced as a writer. She is also trained in and diligently practices yoga and Reiki because it helps add serenity to life. She now lives in Mumbai with her family in a home brimming with laughter, a growing collection of plants, and a number of unfinished projects. When not enjoying good music, affordable wine, aRead More...


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The Silence Between

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The Silence Between will make you pause, reflect, appreciate your blessings and understand your struggles. In this simple yet powerful book, Renica Rego talks about how our seemingly unadorned lives and modest legacies do matter in the greater scheme of things. A journey of over four decades neatly arranged into twenty-six chapters, each holding little chunks of wisdom on how to unclutter life makes this book a joy to read.

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Koi baat mukammal nahi

Ek adhoore rishtey ke siwa


Nothing is complete

Except an incomplete relationship.


What is life, if not a collection of fleeting moments and half-erased memories?

These poems capture the sensitivity of love and the hopelessness of loss that somehow makes life fragrant and complete

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By Renica Rego aka Zara in Poetry | Reads: 41 | Likes: 0

From roots that run on love and veins throbbing with the breath of a million sentimental poems grew our very own Methuselah Grand in its rugged ancientness Carrying secrets of Earth's soul. This is our clandestine habitat Where you softly lay your head And feel my fingers run through an undergrow  Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 05:16 PM


By Renica Rego aka Zara in Poetry | Reads: 84 | Likes: 1

Have you heard of invisible threads that hold souls together?  When you turn, I feel a tug ever so slight Which is why all through the night I sleep ramrod straight on my back  for fear of disturbing you. I've grown still, still like the trees outside caught in old sodium streetlights. When ask  Read More...

Published on Feb 13,2021 05:08 PM

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