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By Harsh singhvi in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 267 | Likes: 1
It was the first day of April and I was late for School. In my hurry, the significance of the date. my teacher looked at me sternly as I entered the class, but didn't say anyting. I knew that she was angry with me because of what happened the previous day in class. 'Teacher had gone out of class fo  Read More...
Published on Jun 5,2020 08:49 PM
School Frenzy
By Aditi in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 635 | Likes: 1
The firsts always make you anxious , excited and give you jitters in your stomach. Now you might think of your first love or first job. Well I am talking about the first day of my child's online school . V's school on a normal day starts at 7 in the morning, that means our day starts at 5am(talk abo  Read More...
Published on Jun 8,2020 09:25 PM
By Joshua in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 292 | Likes: 0
Handsome or what I am now it never mattered for you, Even if I had been uglier nothing was gonna change You know me better, better than what I know about myself. You are the only female dance partner I have. We have debates everyday, At the end I know amma you are always right. I can't bear seeing y  Read More...
Published on Jun 9,2020 01:08 PM
Paneer pasanda
By Neema Kumari in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 417 | Likes: 1
One month was almost over. Raghav's training in the season was on full swing. Whole morning he will look for different recipes from the cookery books and evening his real task would start. He would lay all the spices in front of him- turmeric powder, coriander powder, amchur, salt, garam masala, mus  Read More...
Published on Jun 9,2020 06:42 PM
Bald Groom OMG
By P. Sharma in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 211 | Likes: 1
Hunting matrimonial site for a perfect  groom, Scrolling down and down, all balds are found, Beard's are on and heads are shaved, Oh My God, what will be their age. Advertisements of oils and shampoos, Flashing on TV channels, Dermatologists are easily accessible, Just shed money from your poc  Read More...
Published on Jun 10,2020 11:01 PM
"City"jan .... "Viruswallahs"
By Vinay Kamtikar (Kamti) in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 185 | Likes: 0
Before Covid19 times, we the urban folk ... "City"jan , would always mock at the Rural folk as "Dehati" / "Gaonwallahs".  Now, the Rural folk are mocking at us ... "City"jan as ... "VIRUSWALLAHS" ... ahh.  Read More...
Published on Jun 12,2020 07:29 AM
By Oleen in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 770 | Likes: 3
"How was the Paneer tikka ? " she asked.   " Yimmintho !!! " he exclaimed.   " Emintho ??  What's that ?" she enquired.   " It is a French word for yummy food. Yimmintho " he said, with his best teacher imitation.   " Oh okay. Emintho." she replied, impressed.   "Not Em  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 12:07 PM
Vow of a foodie
By Balaji in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 289 | Likes: 0
#soarum_nanum_amudhum_tamilum I feel disgraced. I really felt like someone pluck the gulab jamun when it is half way travelling towards my mouth the momentshe said like that.Yes she is my aaal. Oneside aaal.we are playing hotseat in our team and one dhandakarumam girl asked her expect  Read More...
Published on Jun 13,2020 03:12 PM
By Manohar Pandit in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 394 | Likes: 0
As the Covid 19 was on rise in early March of 2020, restrictions were being imposed in New Jersey, USA to control spread of the disease. Socialization, the weekend parties were banned, but that did not deter the party mongers. Habits die hard. John never missed a weekend without partying. Howev  Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 02:16 PM
By snigdha jain in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 223 | Likes: 0
I used to see this old man sitting on the same park bench every day. I have a habit of going on a walk every morning at 7:00 a.m. the morning gives me happiness with all its brightness and shine. The chirping sounds of the birds, is the most calming thing in the world. The green colour of the trees   Read More...
Published on Jun 14,2020 06:43 PM
By Ananya Malhotra in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 224 | Likes: 1
               THE "SCARIEST" GHOST! In the middle of the "FOOLS" street, at midnight, stood a ghost with not such a ghostly appearance.He wore a rotten cloth(stolen from a waste shop), a woman's heels in one foot and a loose rubber slipper in the other.  Read More...
Published on Jun 15,2020 09:12 AM
How to excel exams?
By Deependra Tiwari in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 407 | Likes: 2
Does one know what it is to be like a dropper, dying in a long wait to clear one exam or simply the first cousin of that exam? Hardly, your eyes will loom larger and even diminish to the new normal, if one nose dives into the dropper’s melancholy moment, minutes, hours, months or a big-time pr  Read More...
Published on Jun 15,2020 03:59 PM
Drizzles, downpours and an umbrella thief!
By D. Krishnaswamy Rao in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 296 | Likes: 0
Humour Drizzles, downpour and an umbrella thief Length: 320 words   Submitted by: D. Krishnaswamy Rao, # 18 (213), III Cross, Garden Villas, Nagarabhavi Main Road, Bengaluru 560 072   Contact no: 9731312783 E- mail:   ----------------------------------------  Read More...
Published on Jun 16,2020 04:26 PM
By NEELAM DAGESHWAR RAO in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 208 | Likes: 1
Once there was a little baby mouse and a mother mouse. They both lived in a hole in a warm house where they had a lot of food to eat.  Since the house was occupied by an old lady with bad eyesight, they could easily roam around the house without being noticed. One day the mother mouse decided t  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 12:35 AM
My Magical Blue Orange Shoes
By P. Sharma in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 323 | Likes: 1
Importunating for new shoes, Eventually I got a pair of Blue Orange Shoes, Those were really attractive and cosy, Without laces , I could wear anywhere. And I called those Magical Blue Orange Shoes. Putting it on for a ceremony at temple, My father kept insisting to wear any old ones, But I was fin  Read More...
Published on Jun 20,2020 10:14 PM