Ah! Love has filled the air today, Even the sky seems so pink; Beating hearts have sounded a rhythm, Bringing lovers on the brink. Aroma of scented roses,  Builds a  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Silent Lover
Seasons of Love In the Spring of our lives, Our love was exciting and new, As the snow starts to melt, Our love will always stay true. In the Summer of our lives,   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Seasons of Love
Dear love,  you are a pandemic phase, You self quarantined my soul in your heart, never escaping homely place. Trespasser, I will be passing every tunnel that takes  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Pandemic phase you are dear love
By Prachi Tandon in Poetry
'i love you' Seems over-rated It fees like, Fading nail-paint Coated with glitter And undercooked meal Garnished with pepper Like, chapped lips Sealed with unbaked l  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Metaphoric love
By Simmi Bhatnagar in Poetry
जीवन की मोती है तू हमारी राहों को सजोती है तू खुद की जरा भी चिंता  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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By Tannu Srivastava in Poetry
                                                                             साजन आज तुम आन मिलो  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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साजन तुम आज आन मिलो ---
When Gravity Pulled us Apart. When gravity pulled us apart, I wished for our love to know that it was neither of the two but gravity who came through as we fell apa  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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When Gravity Pulled us Apart
You are alive , today and ever , alike the sun that always shines ,  amidst winters or callous nights ,  you are the light that helps me ignite ...................  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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You'll live, forever!
By Anchita in Poetry
कई बातें थी जो उससे कहनी थी। क्या करूं वो बस एक गलतफहमी।। इक्ती  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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By Divya jain in Poetry
Love was just a word until uh defined it Waiting was boredom until uh reasoned it Our eyes caught sight and our hearts fell in love My soul yearns to be sinked into   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Love's chorus
Absolutely transformational it is an exciting adventure of completenessin every aspect of life minds trafficked, Heart towards deeper a gorgeous route. A passion for  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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A Gorgeous Route
Radha... the one sided love If i write your name on open sky, Will you be my then? If i tied a thread of your name in a temple, Will you be my then? If i start to w  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Radha - the one sided love
Papa ki paari ,bhai ki jaan hoti h betiyaan Ghar p bhoj nhi ghar ki pehachan hoti h betiyaan...... Hona agar ghar p toh gumnaam hoti h galliyan Maa ki parchaayi maa   ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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By Tannu Srivastava in Poetry
Your eyes are the sights I wanna stare at scenes with Your lips are the straws I wanna suck water with Your arms are the place I wanna rest myself in Your breaths ar  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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By Shanu Kumari in Poetry
Maybe, one day, We both will celebrate Every single day of Valentine's week Together. From rose day to valentine's eve to Valentine's Day You'll be with me And I'll  ज्यादा पढ़ें...
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Maybe, Oneday