The monsoon air was stifling. It had rained all night, but the morning was hotter than ever. Rain can only do so much when its up against a summer in Calcutta. Shubh  आणखी वाचा...
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Fish Fingers
Rainbow and the Rainbow cake                      I saw the Rainbow and the Rainbow cake on my plate, 7 bows with unbounded length. Red, Orange, Yellow, G  आणखी वाचा...
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Seven colours of Love
By loga dharani in Poetry
aajkal dil ki baatein jubha pe aatein aatein rukh jaatein hai....sochtha hu ki yeh baatein bol du usee ki kitna chahtha hu tume.....bas ek baat se darta hu ki mere b  आणखी वाचा...
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aaj kal dil mere sunta nhi
You and Me  Holding Each Other  Slow Dancing By The Candle Light Tuning Our Souls  In Darkest Peaceful Night   Hearing the Chorus Of Our Feelings  Just You and  आणखी वाचा...
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Slow Dancing
By Amrita Singh in Poetry
तुम, रात, सितारें और मैं अक्सर मिलते हैं खिड़कियों पे,  छु कर गुज  आणखी वाचा...
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तुम, रात, सितारें और मैं
Sleeping on the Climbers Warm-up: Have you ever enjoyed sleeping on the climbers? Where have you seen? Do you like its experience?why? LET'S START THE POEM. Sleeping  आणखी वाचा...
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Sleeping on the climbers.
By Nasiha in Poetry
Will you take a selfie with me Just to get close for a while? Will you buy me Ice-cream And share it just to be romantic? Will you ask me to choose clothes  For you  आणखी वाचा...
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Dilemma in love
By Sati in Poetry
Are you okay? The most frequent question asked by ppl yet we are not okay,are we? Deep inside,we all are broken or alone or depressed. But what we need to learn is   आणखी वाचा...
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Are you okay?
Devansu rathva funny  story  Devansu  rathva  close friend krisha  ahir and jay  thakkur  Bhajiyas party on railway station  gopalpuri gandhidam kutch So fu  आणखी वाचा...
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Devansu rathva bhajiya story
Truly Counts The moments of truth, the life accounts I can really enhance my experience amounts Greatest of all my emotions love truly counts My daily simple delight  आणखी वाचा...
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Truly Counts
I take the road less travelled, dense hills and ravines, Traverse the rocky mountains, angry red and blotchy, Zipline the deep valleys, skim over the fat, yellow sum  आणखी वाचा...
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Drawing Maps
By Manasvini in Poetry
you talk to me through your silences in ways no one has ever done for a moment I revel, thinking, that you're my midnight sun not that it matters to you how much I  आणखी वाचा...
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My midnight sun
You come in as a shooting star Unexpected, uninvited But you stay on like a wish I asked Hopefully forever. It was not your looks I fall for, I've grown much above   आणखी वाचा...
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Finding you
Love doesn't come with a rulebook,  Some fall in love, make love after several years, get married and still get a divorce, Some make love on their first date and ar  आणखी वाचा...
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Love Doesn't Come With A Rulebook
By Joanne Climend in Poetry
I was waiting for you, To confess my love to you.It was all decorated around me,Decorated our favourite place with all your choice.It was your selected theme.I bough  आणखी वाचा...
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Not even a Goodbye
By oReo in Poetry