To new ways.
By Indulekha Nair in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 152 | लाइक: 0
Stop. Stop justifying everything you feel. Stop decorating those ugly guilty pleasures of yours with flowers and a smile. Stop for a second and look around. Darling, it doesn't matter. Stop for a second and catch your damn breath. Its not about them, its about you. You don't like it? Fuck it, hate.   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 7,2020 12:29 PM
Hold on
By Vishrutha in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 152 | लाइक: 0
Hold on to me when the days are not bright and shiny, Hold on to me when the winds turn to rainstorms, Hold on to me when you don’t remember why you’re here to begin with, Hold on to me when the clouds in your head haven’t left, Hold on to me when the currents in your chest get str  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 3,2020 10:41 PM
By Sumitra Krishna in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 152 | लाइक: 4
“There’s a voyage to sail sans you, ahead of me, lie the nameless routes. Maps succeed to elude. A scintilla of a mile, I can’t cross, my mind anchored to our rendezvous. Every chamber redolent with your perfume. So much you’ve become mine, the air without your trace is a que  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 30,2020 10:29 AM
Hey Girl
By Borra Mounika in General Literary | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 1
She is vague but phlegmatic, She is capricious but naive, She is childish but zippy, She is doomed but sanguine, She might be faulty but she is legit.  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 5,2020 08:26 PM
An Urge
By Akshaya Maram in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
Let us pray so that, We will find a way. Find a way, to make This pandemic go away.   Let us make our plea convey, So that it ain’t going to delay. It ain’t going to be delay, as Long as we r doing it today.   Let us not deem this as cray, But instead think and obey. Think and   आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 27,2020 04:06 PM
By yashmin Pattnaik in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
They came they sat,they roamed, they flapped.Playfully happily they ate,Tiny rice grains lying on the mat.One fine summer morning I heard,Amplified noises beyond that rustic wall.They fluttered and flapped,As if caught off guard.Petrified and surprised,Quickly closed the door back.My mind saying me,  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 16,2020 10:33 PM
Just Say It
By Vinisha Panwar in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
There are times, when saying it loud matters a lot but still we are unable to gather the required strength. While the outside world always assume that it’s too easy to say it when you can’t take it. But, the one who face it, knows the real truth. He/She can’t just say as the enviro  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 3,2020 02:43 PM
By Priya Singh Chandra in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
The beauty of life, is the beauty of time, We face a lot and we still stand tall. We love, we live We pray, we heal We cry, we try And we let it go when it's time. With every passing time, We realise what we are made up of With every passing time, We get through things With every passing time, Our s  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख May 25,2020 07:55 PM
An online connection
By aashmita in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
They met each other on tinder .swipe right swipe left was the only thing she was doing that evening , suddenly she stopped .Vikram Multani , 23 the profile read , she was glad because he was a doctor just like her.ITS A MATCH  glared up the screen a few moments later . Long conversations , exch  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jun 17,2020 11:24 PM
The promise
By Tamilselvan in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 1
  Film writer studio Present The promise  & காத்திருந்தாள் இக்கதை   தலைவன் வருகையை எதிர்பார்த்து காத்திருக்கும் தலைவி சினிமாவிற்கே எழு  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Sep 5,2020 09:47 AM
Love is "the why of life."
By yogita in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
There is a Desire within each of us In the deep center of ourselves. No matter where we reach, what we do and what we become. This desire always across us We are often unaware of this,but it is always awake. Deep inside our heart . It is the human Desire of "LOVE"  Every person in this planet y  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 13,2020 11:45 AM
To the good old times
By jaahnvi in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 1
It was my first day in the new city New faces new atmosphere , out of all the ones I see a sparkling face among them slowly we got to know that we are of the same branch and of same class.  Things started pretty good we entered our new life our classroom with some of the brightest students in t  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jun 10,2020 01:21 AM
Corona Fight
By Novice Writer in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
Let’s pray, let’s fight, The tough time is about to arrive, Not a joke to be taken so light, It’s time for all of us to unite! The virus has started to consume, Let’s join both of our hands, It’s time to control the fumes, Can’t we stay in for our motherland? Ti  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Apr 15,2020 03:21 AM
Same Kind of Different As Me
By Priyanka Rajput in Poetry | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
I am Coffee, you are Tea. I Dance, you Sing. I Read, You Write. I am #ModernGirlOldValues, you are #TraditionalGuyModernOutlook. I want to be Content, you are Ambitious. My goal is to be Happy, yours to be Powerful. May be we see different things but our vision is same. There is so much Unison in ou  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jun 2,2020 05:53 PM
Loving him
By A.J.K. in Romance | वाचलं गेलेलं: 151 | लाइक: 0
I was looking at him across the room,he was staring out of the window.with a small smile gracing his lips.Seeing him smile a smile get on lips too. Why? I don't know.But looking at him always do this to me. He suddenly turned his face around like searching for something or someone ..... His eyes sto  आणखी वाचा...
प्रकाशनाची तारीख Jun 20,2020 02:15 PM