By Tulsi negi in Poetry | Reads: 170 | Likes: 0
Do you remember when, We used to talk, Sharing everything while we walked. Do you remember when, I used to cry loud but only to you, I trusted you more than the few. Do you remember that, Bicycle ride of ours, We were pedaling faster than the cars. Do you remember, The bond we shared, The way we car  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 12:19 AM
By Nayanshi in Poetry | Reads: 170 | Likes: 0
हूं मैं यहां या मौजूद और कहीं  है सब कुछ हंसी फिर भी कुछ तो है कमी   खिलखिहटे  कायम है पर वो  मुस्कुराहट कहीं घ  Read More...
Published on Apr 30,2020 12:39 AM
I never deserve that home
By Sajid Iqbal in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 1
Today the sky is clear and the stars are out moonwalking with glitters above me, yet there's a mask on my face too hard to breathe too weak to swallow my mistake. i screamed 'i am right' when i cut the trees, made the rivers flow by the backyard, took the axe to hunt on animals, more sensible than  Read More...
Published on Apr 12,2020 04:00 PM
To Anticipation
By faiqa in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 1
I await you till dawn under the blue sky near the horizon of rainbows and raindrops amidst the ecstasy of your rhapsodical eyes like a forlorn blossom.   Read More...
Published on Apr 4,2020 11:12 AM
By Sayan Roy in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
On that day my soul grew lonely Ah, distinctly I was loving I crave the brokenhearted, beloved bromance To warm me about the kindness I threw my interdependance upon the floor I crave the lovestick, loverlike loneliness, And so it came gently buzzing And its eyes have all the interrelating I crave  Read More...
Published on May 28,2020 02:43 PM
By Sanoobar in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
With bits and scraps of a beating heart I stood at the abyssLife had turned, done its partSnatched it from my chest, torn it apart.I threw it down in the depths of the bottomlessWhat use was it to me, even with living blood rushing Hadn’t I waited too long Hadn’t I done my  Read More...
Published on Apr 25,2020 01:06 AM
By Anonymous_wit in True Story | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
It's that time of my life yet again, when all my closed ones are leaving. No matter how many times this cycles continues to roll, I never get habituated to it, never will I. How can I? The people who have been a part of me, how can I let them go. Every time I have to bid adieu to someone close to me  Read More...
Published on Jul 14,2020 12:18 AM
By yashmin Pattnaik in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
They came they sat,they roamed, they flapped.Playfully happily they ate,Tiny rice grains lying on the mat.One fine summer morning I heard,Amplified noises beyond that rustic wall.They fluttered and flapped,As if caught off guard.Petrified and surprised,Quickly closed the door back.My mind saying me,  Read More...
Published on Apr 16,2020 10:33 PM
Social distancing
By Shilpa saha in General Literary | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
These days are been feel like the same.I am even forgetting the count on weeks,what day it is and for time i dnt hv to keep eye on as i don't have  anywhere to go.For the first time I get to know exactly how being isolated feels.And I must admit that this social distancing is damn tough.Walking  Read More...
Published on May 3,2020 07:00 PM
Whenever it rains!
By B Arvind in Romance | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
The clouds were fighting with each other, with the implosion of thunders striking the sky, like the warriors in a battle strike against each other. It was the most appropriate climate to drink a coffee, but not the time. Sitting beside the window, cuddling a pillow on her couch, Sarah watched the ti  Read More...
Published on May 16,2020 01:28 PM
By Shankhalika Mallick in True Story | Reads: 169 | Likes: 1
Dear campus, It has already been one month since I saw the lush green fields, the clear blue sky, the white fluffy clouds and the distant blurry mountains. A home away from home. It has been only about nine months since I first saw you and I can't resist missing your bountiful beauty. From going ou  Read More...
Published on May 4,2020 12:24 AM
Maple tree
By Ananya Sharma in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
Towards the close of the day,I found myself standing beneath the maple tree, so grey.The dry leaves remind me of how old our love used to be The ones which are still green are our never-ending memories.Some leaves are yellow, some turned red. I still hear your words running deep inside my head.Oh! H  Read More...
Published on Apr 9,2020 12:24 PM
Tears on my hands
By sheli in True Story | Reads: 169 | Likes: 1
I was waiting outside the bar. I literally felt like I'm going to be unconscious at any moment,I had no idea how many vodka shots I had ! Obviously it was my break I had to be drunk the fullest. No it was not the first time I had a break up...all I wanted was to celebrate another failure of   Read More...
Published on May 26,2020 10:17 PM
By Arjun Khurana in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
Dard m b tune mujhe hasaya h... Hasta dekh tujhe mera rota dil b muskuraya h... Mere Chehre ki hasi ka karan h tu.. Mere Chehre ki hasi  ka karan h tu.. Yeh karan mujhe zindagi bhr paana h Tere sath mujhe ek chota sa ghr bsana h... Tere sath mujhe ek chota sa ghr basana h.. Ha tere Har kaam m m  Read More...
Published on Jun 6,2020 06:21 AM
Same Allotment
By Preeti Agrawal in Poetry | Reads: 169 | Likes: 0
Same Allotment Allotted with the same hours⌛ a day Different works and duties anyway Thinking ones way right and wrong Takes you to conflict along Why to decide, when things unknown Put on some love, shed some identity Turning inward is a necessity Time is life's great leveler Powerful indeed,&n  Read More...
Published on May 2,2020 01:51 PM