Kya bhoola paoge?
By Basit Sheikh in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 1
kya bhoola paoge? Wo shaam jb aap hamare hue the.. Wo manno saare khawab pure hue the.. kya bhoola paoge? Wo ek doosre ko dekh kar muskura.. Wo ghar aake school ke haar baat btana.. kya bhoola paoge? Wo tumhara haath pakad kar chalna.. Wo kisi aur se baat karne pe tera jalna.. Kya bhoola paoge? Wo a  Read More...
Published on May 22,2020 08:32 PM
Realm of Riverie
By oma in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Across the seas and shores My soul strethches for your love My eyes seek yours To drift off in the sweet reverie of your tender whispers My heart fills with bliss I cannot breathe Tears stream As I awake from this dream . Lull me back to sleep I dont want this truth , so bleak .   Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 08:54 AM
Things I would do....
By smritee in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Things I would do… Once this confinement is over… Few things that were cribbed about, would now be endeared on The vehicle engines revving on roads, would no longer be glared on Sitting in traffic blaring horns, would be a welcome change And being part of cacophony again, would no long  Read More...
Published on May 12,2020 12:10 AM
Lockdown Motivation
By Rupal Kamani in General Literary | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
We are all going through tough times... even after knowing that we are lucky and blessed to be able to be safe at home and with our families. As days pass by.. and with no certainty, about how long we will be locked down (safe in) at our home.. it is somehow draining us. Thinking about what future h  Read More...
Published on May 26,2020 06:40 PM
By Chetna in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 1
Relations of love as well blood versus trust Even a micro as well macro thing is interconnected due to relation, Chirpy as well serious has full heart as of devotion. Mother whether is of nature or real too much caring, Even give own life when commitment to In  front of offspring. A long and so  Read More...
Published on Jun 5,2020 07:15 PM
Discover happiness
By Pragya bharti in General Literary | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Happiness ,this word itself gives hope of relief from sadness of heart .It  can cure wounded soul.But this doesn't seems easy to be happy otherwise there would not be so much depression , frustration,and sadness over the planet. Hundreds of books written over it , motivation speakers gives spee  Read More...
Published on Jun 19,2020 04:47 PM
By tzee in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 1
Dear corona already have our attention you made us panic,in order to lose intention it is true this is your session exclusive of contact, we do communication you give us a task,of wearing mask not only that but also washing our hands with soap,water ,when you use sanitizer is dope lock down people d  Read More...
Published on Jun 2,2020 12:52 AM
Bring me back
By Akanksha Roy in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Bring me back those times where things weren't this complicated Where  everything wasn't gloomy,where people weren't heavy hearted. Bring me back those times  when happiness used to lie on simplest things like gazing moon and stars Where relations had meaning,where bonds were worth all the  Read More...
Published on Apr 13,2020 06:00 PM
तुम्हारे पीछे रहता था बच्चो सा !
By Shivam Agrahari in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
तुम्हारे  पीछे  रहता  था  बच्चो  सा  मै, मुझे ही खिलौना समझकर तोड़ दिया। तुम्हे  दुनिया  की  हर  ख़ुशी&nbs  Read More...
Published on Apr 26,2020 02:42 PM
By Ahindra Kumar Biswas in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
I became younger before my age, Felt the torture but yet remained mute. Silence covered me ,which the situation has hallowed, I'm a whore , That's my little crime !! I walk in this path for a few penny, They kept my body as it was, But burnt me alive, I can't see myself on the mirror, They mixed me  Read More...
Published on Jun 11,2020 10:04 AM
The Murder
By Winter Frostine in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 1
                      THE MURDER My reflection lied to me It said I'm perfect to me But,never showed the inner me. It said to me,one day; my heart Will go on Sailing through the waves And a stormy night, break.  I laid my beleifs to   Read More...
Published on May 14,2020 10:58 PM
No More Dream.
By Navya in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Wandering, with only blueness in me Self-loathing and pride live in my heart I WAS full of dreams with misery Yet keeping dreams as DREAMs would be better  kept musing, while subsistence I desired, my LEAP not be a fall Your convictions, efforts, faith, and greeds. It is not of loathsomeness, I  Read More...
Published on Apr 10,2020 02:28 PM
Hold on
By Vishrutha in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Hold on to me when the days are not bright and shiny, Hold on to me when the winds turn to rainstorms, Hold on to me when you don’t remember why you’re here to begin with, Hold on to me when the clouds in your head haven’t left, Hold on to me when the currents in your chest get str  Read More...
Published on Apr 3,2020 10:41 PM
By Abhishek singh in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
Mard sirf isliye ki papa ne bachpan mai kaha tha ki ladki ho kya jo roo rahe ho.. bass tabse khud jo mard sabit karne k khatir assuoo ko apne chupa rahe hai.. Rona chahte hai par ro nahi paaa rahe.. ek mard hone ka farz nibhayee ja rahe hai.. sirf isliye ki  bachpan mai sab "Mard ko dard nah  Read More...
Published on May 15,2020 10:12 AM
तू भी जी ले...
By Deshna Shah in Poetry | Reads: 98 | Likes: 0
आज वक़्त कुछ ठहर सा गया है, तो इस ठहरे वक़्त के लम्हे को तू जी ले। रास्ते और गलियों के सन्नाटे मे, मन की आवाज़ सुनकर कु  Read More...
Published on May 20,2020 09:02 AM