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101 Flying Secrets

Author Name: Rakesh Dhannarapu | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Technology & Engineering | Other Details
Amazon Sales Rank: Ranked #70 in Food, Lodging & Transportation

Ever wondered about certain aspects at the airport? Perplexed at the mysterious practices in an aircraft? Have you thought about knowing the how and why but were put-off by the enormity and complexity of the subject?

Well, here’s 101 Flying Secrets that enlightens you with trivia and exciting things that you never knew about flying and aviation, particularly about the day-to-day flight operations that you experience as a passenger.

This book attempts to answer questions on complex and humongous topics with simple, demystified, bite-sized nugget explanations that will engross and enlighten you. Along with the vivid imagery used in the book, the QR codes offer a visual treat and help one peek into the fascinating world of aviation.  

Within this book, you’ll discover answers to questions like:

If aircraft are so safe, why wear seatbelts?

Why are aircraft painted white?

How fast can an aircraft be evacuated?

Do aircraft dump fuel mid-air?

What is airport curfew?

What is the fate of retired aircraft?

… and more. If you have always wondered at the marvels of aviation, pondered on what goes into making a journey pleasant and safe, 101 Flying Secrets is for you.


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Rakesh Dhannarapu

Twenty-three-year-old debutant author Rakesh Dhannarapu from Hyderabad, India is pursuing his Master’s in Aviation with a vertical in Airworthiness at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Australia.

Realising that not many people are aware of the various interesting aspects about flying, Rakesh took it upon himself to pen down a book during his three-month-long summer vacations 2018-19. While in his first year, he worked with UberEats (an online ordering and delivery platform for food), delivering food to hungry customers in Australia to earn money to publish 101 Flying Secrets.

With this book, Rakesh wants to feed a different kind of hunger… for knowledge. He aims to gratify the knowledge-hungry and quench the thirst of the intrigued about the fascinating aspects of aviation and flying without delving in the laws of physics and mathematical equations. 101 Flying Secrets is his contribution to the industry that he loves.