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101 Lentos Poems of the new millennium featuring poets across the world.

by Lencio Rodrigues

Format: Paperback

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101 Lentos is an offering to the glorious world of literature. Written in the poetic form of the millennium, it is a collection of poems from talented writers across the world…

Each Lento is carefully chosen to make your reading experience, one that only you can fathom and discover the writers themselves who are celebrating their achievement through a form that was totally fresh to them, yet adapted entirely and enjoyed their writing experience! Interestingly, most poets have written more than one Lento for a reason that is self explanatory.

Lencio Rodrigues has been writing since the age of eleven, and has won several awards at local and international levels. Although his first poetry was a rhyme that was published many years later, he has strongly felt poetry is not just about rhyme, but about how one feels in a moment in time, without having to work around rhyming words and syllable patterns. He has invented a poetic form called the Lento, of which this book is about. He is a published author and has appeared in several magazines and anthologies over the years. He loves all form of art. He currently lives in Birmingham, UK and is employed as a Financial Coordinator.



101 Lentos





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