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Author Name: GEMINI DHAR | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

This book has the tools that will empower women's mindset. Being a successful fashion designer and a happening mom as described by her kids . Gemini has a journey full of excitement and challenges that she has precipitated and narrated many women struggle in life some struggle for freedom ,some search for security and mostly all of them want to be heard and appreciated.

Your thoughts and emotions can either make you stronger or break you with the vision of impacting lives of more than 50 thousand women, she has embarked on a journey to share her strength and help each women she comes across to create more happiness. More security better health and wealth. Helping them stand strong and victorious in their journey of life.

I highly recommend Gemini, who has the eyes and ears to see what is needed.

-GUNILLA ELM STOCKHOLM, Hollywood Star, Diva, Model and Miss Sweden

Gemini's wisdom and enthusiasm makes her a powerful trainer. Her training has brought forth new possibilities for me. I can say with conviction that her woman empowerment program will help you enhance the quality of your life.

-Azeelia Fialho, Founder Director of Rainbow Lightworkers.

Gemini's approach the life has been simplified so that anyone can ask her simple transformational advice to make their life amazing,

- Sara Khan, Actor, Author & Peak Performance Coach.






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Gemini is a fashion entrepreneur, empowerment coach, author, artist, health consultant/trainer, creative head, keynote speaker, thinking hacker, transformation specialist, negativity assassin, and a happening mom.

Gemini has an arsenal of experience in business management, insights from personal encounters with people from all backgrounds, and an understanding into what makes people do what they do. She is passionate about her health and helps people transform their mental and physical health. Gemini loves to work with children and explore new possibilities.