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A Christian Journey With Faith and Fortitude

by Amelia D Kumar

Format: Paperback

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A Christian Journey with Faith and Fortitude is a collection of three enduring messages to the present world torn in fear and despair. Here the author explains how faith becomes the first step in our journey with God. It offers consolation for broken and contrite hearts. The author combines scripture with practical guidance to inspire her readers.

Sharing her own faith in God, Amelia D Kumar narrates the challenges from scoffing sceptics, and proves the power of the risen Lord. She asserts that God sends a host of angels to assist those who take a resolution to live by faith. This little book is an earnest attempt to explore and unravel the mystery of pain. No pain is sent without a purpose; it is confidential, she writes.

With several Biblical references, the author’s style of writing is fascinatingly simple and it fits the grand theme of God and man. The reader is invited to wear the armour of faith and join the great journey with Christ. In his foreword, Rt. Rev. D Pothirajulu writes, “all the Biblical heroes of faith come alive.”

Amelia D Kumar is a retired professor of English. Now living in Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, she is actively involved in Christian outreach programs. She is also a regular invitee to The Bible College in Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh and the annual Kingdom Invasion Campaign [KIC] in Singapore. Her first book, From Tears to Triumph was very well received.



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