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A collection of short stories

Author Name: Rushi Nimmala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Ranga Shastry is the most respected old man and his family has a huge respect. His son Anand is a pious devotee of Lord Vishnu as his father. Anand Shastry would go to the temple and perform religious ceremonies there, all the devotees respected him, then he would go to work,. He had a wife and son, and he too has the common problem a normal family man would have. But, he devoted himself to Vishnu and prayed daily. His salary is not enough to get all homely expenses paid. He struggled a lot every month, but he couldn’t solve the problem. His father had diabetes, and the burden of his medications fell on Anand, he somehow manages, but the expenses kept on increasing, but it didn’t solve.

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Rushi Nimmala

Born in 2006 February (age 15), Rushi Nimmala began to write his tales since he was 11(2017), he was joined in his school a year earlier, and his goal is to become a filmmaker, at the same time, he also had a passion in writing books. He published his first book ‘Fall of Godwin’, and he writes the corresponding books now, and he still works to accomplish his goals.



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