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A Gateway to Spirituality Eastern understanding of Hypnosis

Author Name: Wing Commander Santosh Sharmaa | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The first book in the world, which talks about de-hypnosis and explains spiritual dimensions of hypnosis in an eastern way.

Hypnosis is spiritual in the sense that in hypnosis, illusion is created to destroy illusion. It applies the principle of similia similibus curentur: let like be cured by like.

In this book, there are two parts. The first part of this book will wake you up from maya and de-hypnotize you by creating awareness using traditional gyana.

The second part of the book teaches some time-tested, verified, and effective modern hypnosis methods to de-hypnotize and integrate you.

It is said, “to take out a nail, use another nail.” Hypnosis uses illusion to remove illusions and delusions of your perceptions about yourself, your guilt, fears, phobias, anxiety, and hatred, etc.

Sounds strange though, when I tell you to use hypnosis for de-hypnosis. However, that is the quickest way to get out of mental illusions and delusions.

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Wing Commander Santosh Sharmaa

Wing Commander Santosh Sharmaa is a spiritual hypnotherapist, a quantum healer and an astrologer. He is well known all over the world for his accurate analysis of energy interplay and equalization methods. He also specializes in past life regression and energy decontamination techniques.

Santosh Sharmaa has hands on experiences in resolving umpteen numbers of issues and problems of people from many countries like India, USA, France, Germany, Bolivia, Iceland, Poland, UK, Oman, Dubai, South Africa and Japan. He is the founder of White Lotus Spiritual Healing Centre in Bangalore, India.



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