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A Hug For Life

Author Name: ANJALI TOMAR | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

In the world searching for sunlight,

She decided to be her own sunshine!

“A Hug For Life” is a collection of 100 micro poems, that takes a reader through a girl’s journey from her childhood to playing various roles in her life. These 100 poems depict the journey of every girl who has forgotten her identity in this race of being ‘everything’ for ‘everyone’.

It touches the psychological aspect of one’s childhood and surroundings, shaping one’s beliefs and actions. Thus, self-expression is the necessity and no longer a luxury of an emotionally healthy world.

With a combination of wit and reality, the book will make you experience diverse emotions such as happiness, sadness, curiosity, excitement and self-love.

Most importantly, it leaves the reader with the thought of loving oneself at all points - wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

This book is a roller coaster of a girl’s life and each poem captures the excitement, thrill and beauty of the same.

There was no room for rejection,

As she smiled and gifted a rose to herself!


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Anjali Tomar; graduated in electrical engineering, passionate about marketing pursued her Master of Business administration in Marketing. She works for one of the leading banks in India.  A Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune alumnus, the young and ambitious girl has a multifaceted personality. 

Anjali has been a bright student and won several gold medals for academics. She is a poet, a blogger, a short film maker, a singer and a bibliophile. She has volunteered for several NGOs through her creative writing. She runs an NGO herself for holistic awareness among women with the name- Awespire Foundation.

 She has been writing poems since her childhood on various topics pertinent to life and society. Her creative writings were part of several start-up marketing campaigns like Asha jobs, Eficaz Consultants etc.

“Ek Shayra” was her debut book of poetry collection in the form of 51 gazals of 5 couplets each. Her second book; “A Hug For Life” is another breath-taking work with 100 micro poems around a girl’s journey of self-love mixed with a tinge of sarcasm on society. Anjali believes poetry is an attempt to go beyond the obvious in writing and expressing a lot in a few words.