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A Revisit to the Special Theory of Relativity & Origin of Electromagnetism A Journey through Novel Concepts

Author Name: Seetharama Varamballi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Special Theory of Relativity (STR) has fascinated the scientific community all over the world since it was conceived by Albert Einstein in the year 1905. It is historic that an intrinsic relation between motion, space, time and mass was established by STR. The subject was of personal interest to me during my college days but was dormant for decades due to occupational compulsions. It was only in the last decade that my interest in STR revived during a discussion between me and my son on STR.

After years of study, I felt, though several predictions according to STR have been proved correct, there are some underlying shortcomings in the theory itself. I listed out several discrepancies noticed in the theory. I came up with a novel concept which explains phenomena like the Michelson-Morley (M-M) experiment, speed of light in flowing liquid, celestial aberration etc. with unique approaches. 

Readers are suggested to have ideas about the M-M experiment and STR through Wikipedia or other sources before going through these books. They are not covered in detail in this book. 

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Seetharama Varamballi

Seetharama Varamballi (67) is basically a person with a scientific temper. During his childhood, he grew up observing his elder brother performing experiments like making Electromagnets, producing Hydrogen gas etc., at home and curiously observing locomotive trains at nearby railway station. These had infused a long-lasting scientific temperament in him. 

Seetharama Varamballi entered the erstwhile P&T dept as Engineering Supervisor and retired as DGM in BSNL. After retirement, he incidentally developed a deep interest in Special Theory of Relativity during some discussion with his son Santosh. This has led him to study the subject in depth for years and develop a novel concept.   This book ‘A REVISIT TO THE SPECIAL THEORY OF RELATIVITY & ORIGIN OF ELECTROMAGNETISM’ is the outcome of his years of work on the subject.



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