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A Saga of Evolution and Legends of Environmental Disasters in the History of Mankind

Author Name: Dr. Nikhil Chandra Misra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

We are an integrated part of cosmos. Astronomy broadly studies universe, solar system, planets, galaxies, meteoroids, asteroids and astronomical bodies, often thought to be of celestial origin. Out of the occurrence of a fluke manifestation, one after the other resulting in the creation of life, species and humans. In modern times, Hubble Telescope revolutionised planetary studies and outlived its lifespan and enriched the human knowledge on Cosmos for about three decades. Hubble will be replaced by James Webb in near future.

A tiny dot became universe followed by the birth of the sun, moon, the earth, other planets, nebula, galaxy, milky ways, and living kingdom. Life evolved, flora and fauna developed. Five catastrophic extinctions occurred eliminating several species. This journey is laid on twelve hours on a clock. In due course, Homo sapiens developed who brought along intricacies like Environmental Degradation, Global Warming and Climate Change. What length of the queue will be created if we trace the lineage of our generation back to the first human that appeared to roam about on the earth? Narrative wavers from line, tracks the life and achievements of ancient civilisations like Indus valley civilisation, the master traders; the Sumerians, the pioneers in many fields; the mysterious Maya; and incredibly industrious Rapa Nui, got eliminated due to damage to the fine balance of environmental sustainability. As scientists continue to turn up even more signs of collapsed civilisations, they are finding plenty of evidence that climate shifts are to blame to a considerable extent. Why and how? The narrative attempts to answer. The chronicle is before you which might engender a child-like fascination as you delve deeper and farther in it. 

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Dr. Nikhil Chandra Misra

Dr. Nikhil Chandra Misra obtained M. Tech. in App. Geology from the University of Saugar, M.P., India; P.G.D.B.M. from Ravi Shankar University, Raipur, C.G.; First Class Mines Manager's Certificate of Competency (R-O) from DGMS, Govt. of India; L.LB., Ph.D. from A.P.S. University, Rewa, M.P., India, all except M. Tech. during the professional job. He is a member of several professional institutes. Considered to be an environmentalist with a home in industry; has authored some acclaimed research papers. His work included Feasibility analysis for mineral industry, mineral and mine economics scheduling, optimisation, environmental studies besides, mineral exploration. Ancient mythological studies, ancient cultures, the classics of Hinduism, Cosmos and related literature are his additional leitmotifs. 

Dr. Nikhil Misra has worked for M.P. State Govt. as an officer, was assigned to the United Nations Development Project—UNDP Mineral Exploration in M.P. for about three years, working for various minerals, later with JK Cement Limited in various capacities including the Vice President, remained actively involved with other group companies also, having worked on group's several projects across the country.

He figured amongst top executives and acclaimed professionals in the states of M.P. and C.G., engaged in the private sector. Under his leadership, JK bagged the prestigious "Quality Excellence award for Best Exploration Project" in the country, instituted by World Quality Congress for a project in Panna, M.P., India for the year 2014. He is also the recipient of a “Life Time Achievement Award” in the year 2017 for his contribution in the field of Mining Geology and Environment. He has been in the profession for about 39 years and has now undertaken writing.