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A Tapestry of Tales

Author Name: Baani Mehandru | Format: Paperback | Genre : Dramas & Plays | Other Details

A Tapestry of Tales weaves in its fabric multiple tales—of murder, love, failure, high school experiences, displaying to its readers an array of situations the protagonists experiences in their lives. It laces in life lessons, cross-roads etc. into the respective plot lines enunciating the meaning behind each of them. 

The author realizes that each one of us has different stories to narrate, incidents to ponder over, and moments to reminisce and these will always be ours to tell and no one else’s! The book reflects upon how there may be a thousand choices to make in a day and how every single choice made counts.

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Baani Mehandru

Baani Mehandru, a high school student who studies at Pathways World School, Aravali, has her previous work A Dreamy Quilt of Treasured Memories—an anthology of poems that delves into various themes one could relate with—compiled and published in August 2019. From a young age, Baani has a flair for writing and enjoys English Literature as a whole. She plans to pursue the same along with Psychology at a higher level for her education.  



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