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Alcohol Phenol and Ethers with vidyamandir notes

Author Name: Mr Vivek Kumar Pandey Shambhunath | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Classification Of Alcohol, Phenol and Ether. ... Alcohol is formed when a saturated carbon atom is bonded to a hydroxyl (-OH) group. Phenol is formed when a hydrogen atom in a benzene molecule is replaced by the -OH group. Ether is formed when an oxygen atom is connected to two alkyl or aryl groups written by Mr Vivek Kumar pandey shambhunath.

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Mr Vivek Kumar Pandey Shambhunath

MY NAME IS VIVEK KUMAR PANDEY . I WAS BORN IN 30 SEP 2002,I AM FROM SURAT GUJARAT INDIA. MY DREAM WAS TO BE GOOD WRITERS, MY FAMILY SUPPORTED ME TO SUCCESSFUL AND I CAN DO IT MY SELF. How do I write? That is a question, I believe, that cannot be honestly answered by me."CELEBRATING YOUNGEST WRITER AWARD WINNER IN GUJARAT 1ST RANK" MR PANDEY JI . I may think I did a good job writing something when in reality it could be horrible. The reader is the one who decides the quality of my writing. I do not find writing to be natural to me and therefore find it to be a real challenge. My trick as a challenged writer is to do the best I can and know that I am happy with the final outcome. It may take a while to do my best and there may be quite a few problems I run into along the way.